FirsTrust Susu Account

Little-by-little you can save the few coins you have for a rainy day. FirsTrust Susu Account is specially designed for individuals, Petty traders, Shop owners, Micro-enterprises and those in the transport business who get regular inflows. No bank charges and account maintenance fees are charged. Interest is paid on accounts with no-withdrawals within a period of three months. You might need money to help you pay for an urgent repair to your home or have the need to replace an essential household item such as a washing machine or cooker, one can fall on their investment to satisfy such needs. Many small business men and women have opened a Susu account and grown the account with as little as GHc10 a day from their petty sales.


Basic Requirements:

  • Complete account opening forms
  • Valid National Identity Card
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Current utility bill/ tenancy agreement/Sketch or drawings to the residence
  • Complete internet banking and SMS forms
  • Complete e-zwich forms
  • Minimum initial deposit for account opening 5gh account opening



  • Flexible daily contributions
  • ATM on request
  • Savings withdrawal book (25 leaflet )
  • Monthly statement on request
  • Qualifies to apply for a loan after 3 months of running the account depending on the amount saved daily
  • SMS alert & Internet banking (optinal)
  • E-zwich card

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