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Homowo: Nii Kotei Dzani calls for peace in Ga-Dangme state

Entrepreneur and council of State Member, Dr. Nii Kotei Dzani, has congratulated Chiefs and people of the Ga-Dangme State, home and abroad, and all inhabitants of the Ga-Dangme communities on the celebration of this year’s Homowo festival.

The business mogul however expressed worry that due to the several disputes within the Ga Dangme state, this year’s Homowo like many others is being celebrated without a Ga Mantse.

He thus urged the ethnic group to use this year’s festival to reflect and make amends to ensure peace prevails.

The Group Ideal President in a statement said, “the occasion provides us with the opportunity to take stock of all happenings in the previous year and to reflect upon the achievements and failures of the period.”

“In this regard, as a true son and descendant of King Nikoi Olai, one of the principal warriors and founders of the Ga State, I have been concerned and saddened by the various leadership conflicts engulfing our Mantsemei, across several Stools in our State. It troubles my spirit to note that we are celebrating Homowo this year without a Ga Mantse unanimously accepted by all of our Chiefs and people.”

“For this reason, I urge us all to use this celebration to build bridges not divisions, to extend helping hands not fists of fury, to speak words of love not words of anger, and to drive to shame all those who profit from sowing seeds of discord amongst our people” he noted.

He added that, “It is time for the true sons of the Ga-Dangme State to rise up and defend the integrity of the State. Now is the time for us as a people, to close ranks, bind together, and demonstrate the virtues of unity, hard work and industry which fuelled our ancestors to flee tyranny and to establish a dominant and prosperous civilization at Ayawaso. It is my ardent belief that the true sons of the Ga-Dangme State are ready and capable to meet the challenges at hand.”

Dr. Nii Kotei Dzani further said “it is my fervent hope that in the course of these celebrations, we shall exhibit the highest levels of maturity, tolerance and respect for each other in order that all of our best wishes for the future for ourselves and for our communities shall see the light of day. I wish us all a peaceful and successful celebration of these our timeless customs and traditions.”

About Homowo Festival
This harvest festival is celebrated by the Ga people from the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

It begins with the sowing of millet by the traditional priests in May. After this, thirty-day ban on drumming is imposed on the land by the priests.

The festival is highlighted at varying times by different quarters of the Ga tribe.

The Ga-mashie group of the tribe will celebrate theirs’ a little earlier than the La group.
Homowo recounts the migration of the Gas and reveals their agricultural success in their new settlement.
According to Ga oral tradition, a severe famine broke out among the people during their migration to present day Accra.

They were inspired by the famine to embark on massive food production exercises which eventually yielded them bumper harvest.

Their hunger ended and with great joy they “hooted at hunger” this is the meaning of the word HOMOWO.


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