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FirsTrust building bonds with customers

Nine months ago when Ezi Savings and Loans Limited found itself in the midst of bank run that almost brought the institution to its knees, Ideal Financial Holdings; a leading financial conglomerate; came to the rescue and injected GH₵10 million to keep the company afloat.

Now rebranded as FirsTrust Savings and Loans Limited, the company is breathing fresh air, recapturing lost image and integrity, bringing back old customers, seeing a 300% jump in volume of business and is on the cusp introducing some of the most innovative products and services in the banking industry. It is therefore no surprise that FirsTrust is steadily becoming a leading savings and loans company in Ghana. So it was therefore crucial that FirsTrust holds an informal customer cocktail night to thank their customers and to find out if there are any issues that management need to address and what other issues that they can improve upon.


Mr. Hubert K. Dake the Managing Director of FirsTrust thanked the customers for their support during the trying times and promised them, alongside new customers a better and more assured performance from FirsTrust in the future. He then addressed some of the challenges that were expressed by customers such as the turnaround for credit applications and the need for e-banking services. Mr. Dake stated that discussions have already started among management and the branch managers on ways to make credit applications move faster. He further explained that the company is building one of the most robust and reliable IT platforms to support those products and services, and in due course all will be set to roll.


Dr. Nii Kotei Dzani, Chief Executive Officer of Ideal Financial Holdings then addressed the gathering informing them of the dramatic transformation that Ideal Financial Holdings had brought to FirsTrust and that the Group was committed to building a world-class universal bank with a great reputation. He spoke of building a healthy image and brand in this increasingly competitive market.


Some customers like Mr. Divesiel Sheriff Dodoo, Director of Dands Herbal a customer of FirsTrust, lauded FirsTrust for its customer service and inviting them to share ideas and share their concerns to help put the brand forward.


Given how keen the competition in the financial sector in Ghana is it stands to reason that companies who have innovation and quality customer service as their hallmark will be the ones to survive in these challenging economic times. FirsTrust is one those innovative, customer driven companies and they are poised to deliver on their brand promise of an ideal banking experience.

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